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The best laptop under 40000: If you are looking to buy a new laptop around the price of 40000, but confused as thereof options to choose from, then watch the full video and I will tell you some of the best laptops around the price of 40000, and which device is perfect for you. So let me first tell you what you can expect at this price, and how I have prepared this list. If we look for laptops around the price of 40000 rupees you have the option to select a laptop either intel i3 processors or ryzen5 3500u processors, in my opinion, ryzen 5 is better for a budget laptop, because you also get a powerful integrated graphics called vega 8 which will handle games or graphics related work.

best laptop under 40000

so I have filtered and chosen the laptops with a ryzen processor with an exception. For storage, you have to option to select either a hard disk which has bigger storage with slower reading writing speeds or you can select and which less storage with faster Reading and writing, so I have chosen laptops with faster storage, with the exception if you want more storage rather than fast storage. You can select either 4 GB or 8 GB of ram, which you can expand on some of these laptops. So let's start. The first laptop on our list is avita pura.

This is a very lightweight laptop with just1.3 kg of weight, it has ryzen 5 3500u for the processor and it is paired with 8 GB ofddr4 ram, and for storage, you get a 512 GB of SSD. For screen, it has a 14 inch of 1080p IPS LCD screen which is rare for this price. But it also has big disadvantages. First is its build quality. The laptop has a plastic build and has a lot of flexes another is that it's not upgradeable. So if you want the best configuration for the price, which is also very light, and ready to look out for your laptop.

Then you can purchase this laptop at 32000 So the next laptop is from hp, more specifically 15s db1061au This laptop also has a ryzen 5 3500 u processor and it is paired with 4 GB of ddr4 ram and you can expand it to 8 GB if you want, for storage you get 1 TB of hard disk, in future, you can add an SSD if you want and it weighs1.8 kg. You get a 15.6 inch of 1080p screen. So if you want a laptop form hp, and want to upgrade it in the future for best performance, then you can purchase this laptop at around40000 rupees. So the next in our list is Asus vivobook 15M509DA-EJ562T This laptop is also powered by ryzen 5 3500uprocessor and vega 8 graphics, it has a 4 GB of Ram which is of course upgradeable. For storage, you get a very fast 256 GB one SSD and it also has an empty 2.5-inch SATA expansion slot.

You also get a fingerprint sensor with it. And you get a 15.6 inch of 1080p screen and this laptop weighs 1.9 kg. So if you want a laptop with very fast storage, with nice looks then you can purchase this laptop at around 39000 rupees. There's also an intel version of Asus vivobook model number X512FA-EJ373T. It has an intel i3 10th gen processor with 4gb of upgradeable ram and 512 GB of Nvme SSD with a 2.5-inch expansion slot. It also has a 15.6 of 1080p screen and this laptop weighs just 1.7kg. I like that it has a backlit keyboard and the fingerprint sensor.

So if you want a laptop with a backlit keyboard, with a very nice build and looks, then you can buy this laptop for around 40000 rupees. There was also Asus vivobook 14 with 8 GB ram and 256gb nvme storage with ryzen 5 for 35000 rupees, but it's out of stock now, I'll leave the link in the description so you can check if it comes in stock again. if you like the video so far don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and a sub to the channel will be very nice. So the next laptop in our list is Acer aspire3 A315-56. this laptop is powered by Intel i3 10th generation processor with 4 GB of ram and 256 GB of SSD, both ram and storage are upgradeable, it has a 15.6 inch of 1080ptft LCD screen.

And it is available for 32,000 rupees, and I think its very value for money laptops at this price. So if you are limited to 32000 rupees, you can consider this laptop. Now the last laptop in our list is also from Acer, its Acer aspires 5 A515- 43 this laptop has a ryzen 5 3500u processor with 8 GB ofddr4 ram and 512 GB of SSD, and it's fully upgradeable. It has a very beautiful 15.6 inch of 1080pips screen, which will be very good. And this laptop cost 40000 rupees.

And I think this is the perfect laptop for the price. So if you want the best value for money laptop which has a very good screen, then you can purchase this laptop for 40000. so, that’s all from my side tell in the comment section which laptop is better according to you or feel free to ask any question, and if you found this video helpful, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and share with you friend who might be thinking about getting a new laptop, and if you subscribe it will motivate me to make more videos like this. Thanks, I will see you in the next video, stay home stay safe. 

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